A Message from the Founder

I am delighted to introduce “National Human Rights and Crime Control Commission” (NHRCCC). The “National Human Rights and Crime Control Commission” (NHRCCC) is a National Trust, Which is registered under “Indian Trust Act–1882” with registration No.1724. It is a Voluntary Organization for Protection and Promotion of Human Rights. NHRCCC is committed to spread awareness & assistance to Human Rights, Freedom and Social Justice for all Human beings nationwide. ADHIKAAR, AZAADI, NYAAY are core objectives of “National Human Rights and Crime Control Commission” (NHRCCC).

The protection and promotion of human rights for everyone is the commitment of NHRCCC seeks to raise awareness and education of rights, provide protection and support necessary for individuals and develop abilities. NHRCCC is functioning with commitment for protection and promotion of Human Rights, Freedom, Justice, Education, Love, Peace, and Harmony to all.

We are strongly connected with a large number of people all around the Nation including Retired Government Officials, Former Judges, lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Academician, Professionals, Journalists, Students Farmers, Workers etc NHRCCC has a team of volunteers and active members spread across every part of India . NHRCCC is spreading human rights awareness in order to break the barriers of class, caste, creed, colour, region and religion.

I appeal to all of you to Join “National Human Rights and Crime Control Commission” (NHRCCC) as Volunteer/ member to support the noble cause of Human Rights Protection for Humanity. I believe, by working together in an environment of trust and support, we would be able to achieve more success and fame in the years to come. I invite you all to Join NHRCCC to serve the Humanity.

Warm Regards,
Mr. Rajdesh Ratan