About the Organization

National Human Rights and Crime Control Commission is a voluntary non-govermental and non-profit organization envisioning to uphold protection and promotion of human rights for all. Registered under Government of India with registration number 1724under Indian Trust Act-1882. National Human Rights organization works progressively to attain the aim of advocating the "Human Rights" nationwide. We strive to bring about holistic social development of people of various demographics. We are also actively engaged in creating legal and human rights awareness among the public.Our knowledge base is formed by strong research and advocacy by Domain experts, Legal experts, Think tanks and The academia.

National Human Rights and Crime Control Commission is a leading nationwide organization which advances act on Human Rights issues for all. We believe "The World Is One Family" Our acts are aligned with the core value Human Rights. All our acts are directed towards creating a better nation and world for the future of humanity.

The six Fundamental Rights of Indian citizens as declared in the Constitution of India are:

  • 1. Right to Equality
  • 2. Right to Freedom
  • 3. Right against Exploitation
  • 4. Cultural and Educational Rights
  • 5. Right to Freedom of Religion
  • 6. Right to Constitutional Remedies
  • Right to property (Article 31) (Deleted by 44th Amendment Act 1978


A Nation must frame such rules and regulations that protect and promote the Fundamental Human Rights of its citizens. India is one of them. ‘Fundamental Rights’ form an important part of Indian Constitution.Human Rights defines a society a good,where all its citizens enjoy fundamental rights. The human rights act on eliminating unjust discrimination against any human being.

Human rights and their legal implementation, practice, protection and promotion are a benchmark of a truly developed, civilized and democratic nation.

Most importantly rights and duties go together hence they are two sides of a same coin, Liberty never means license. Rights have their existence on Duties.